Promoting your Facebook contest to get more results

When you create a contest on Facebook, we give you tools to invite your friends and publish the contest on a page you manage. But sometimes that’s not enough and you need to reach a larger audience with a Facebook promoted post.

A promoted post is just like a regular post but you pay so it shows up in more people’s newsfeeds. You can target your actual fan base, their friends or even a specific audience based on demographics.

The first thing you need to do is build the contest itself. Once it’s ready to be promoted, go to the Share section where you can customize the Share image, title and text. It’s important to do this first because the post cannot be modified once it is published and promoted.

Next you need to copy your contest’s Share URL and use it to make a post on your page as in this example:

Share contest

Once the post is published on your page, you will see a “Boost Post” button underneath it. Click it and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to post the contest on a page, you can create a Facebook ad. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Choose “Send people to your website” as the marketing objective.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen and enter your Share URL as the destination URL for the ad.

A paid Facebook advertisement campaign is not a guarantee of success. That’s why we recommend you start with a small budget and monitor how your campaign performs. Here are a few advice that might help:

  • Be careful how much text you use in your post’s image. Facebook might penalize you.
  • Add a great call-to-action to your post so people are encouraged to participate. Tell your fans their feedback will make a difference in offering a better service or product.
  • Reward participants by drawing a prize.
  • Encourage participants to share the contest with their friends.
  • Keep your questionnaire short and make open-ended questions optional. Remember that most participants answer contests from their mobile phones while they are on the go. Their attention span is short!