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Announcing QR Codes For Your Contests

QR codes have been around for a while now but only recently has the technology seen real adoption beyond tech-savvy users. A QR code is similar to a bar code except that it can hold more information. The most common case for scanning a QR code with a phone's camera is to open a web page. It is now common to see restaurants ask patrons to open their online menus using a QR code placed on the table.

Protect Your Polls With a Captcha

If you run a high-profile poll, there is a possibility that some people are going to try to cheat and submit fraudulent votes. This means that instead of real humans completing your poll, computers running a script (bots) are filling in the form. One way to stop this fraud is with a captcha. You will be happy to learn that we now offer the possibility to protect your polls using a Google captcha.

Cómo crear un concurso en su Página de Facebook

En este tutorial, le explicaremos cómo crear un concurso y publicarla en la Página de Facebook que administra. El proceso solo toma unos minutos. Eche un vistazo al video de arriba para ver el tutorial paso a paso.

En primer lugar, es importante comprender la diferencia entre una Página de Facebook y una cuenta personal. La Página representa una figura comercial, comunitaria o pública que interactúa con sus seguidores. Una cuenta personal solo es utilizada por usted como individuo, es su cuenta para acceder a Facebook.

Automatice su flujo de trabajo con webhooks

Tenemos buenas noticias para nuestros clientes que buscan alternativas para automatizar el flujo de trabajo de sus concursos. Ahora pueden establecer una URL de webhook desde las opciones avanzadas en la página de ajustes. Los webhooks son notificaciones automáticas que se envían desde la aplicación cuando se recibe una respuesta nueva.

Redirect Participants To Your Website

We are excited to announce a new little feature that you might like! Instead of displaying the thank you page to participants after they fill out your contest form, you can now redirect them to a page on your website. This puts you in full control of what comes next after participants complete the contest. Maybe you want to offer exclusive content or a special offer from your website? Let's see how easy it is to setup!

Embed Rich Media Clips Into Your Contests

The web is filled with interesting content such as videos, audio clips, animated gifs, presentations and much more. What if you could integrate these interactive medias into your contests? Well wonder no more, it is now possible to embed content from thousands of different websites right into your contests.

Personalize Your Contest With a Custom Font

Often times when you create a contest, you want its style to match the aesthetic of your brand or website. It was already quite easy to customize the contest appearance with colors and text variations. Today we go one step further in the personalization of contests with custom fonts.