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How To Embed a Contest on your WordPress Site

If you manage a WordPress site, we have good news for you. It's now easier than ever to embed a contest on your website. You just need to install the plugin, create a contest and embed it in a page or a post. Follow these easy steps:

A Redesigned Ranking Question

We took a fresh look at how ranking questions work and the mechanics of ranking each option in order of preference. We previously relied on drag and drop which worked fine on big screens but could be tedious on smaller screens with many options to rank.

The new and redesigned ranking question now relies on clicks to order the options instead or drag and drop. Click on each option in the order they should be ranked. Click again if you made a mistake and would like to remove the ranking. It's that simple! We also added labels to make it clear if the option should be ranked from most to least important or the other way around.

Introducing Country Restrictions

If you are running a local business, your customers live nearby. Its their opinion that matters and not the opinion of people living in foreign countries. That's why today we are releasing a new featured called Country Restrictions.

More Options To Format Your Questions

We know you love to customize your contests to give them a unique look that fits your brand's aesthetic. That's why we're thrilled to announce two new features that will help you add more personalization to the design of your contests.

New Comprehensive and GDPR-compliant Policies

It's been a long time (almost 5 years!) since we last updated the policies governing our apps. Back then, we had hired a law firm to craft the terms for us. They did a good job but lots have changed since then, notably with the adoption of strict data privacy laws in Europe and California. We thought it was time to review and update our policies accordingly.