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Introducing IP-Based Location


You might have noticed that a new location field was added to the participants page and in the Excel export. This data indicates participants current country, state and city. We use a database to match participants IP addresses with their actual...

Filtering results and answers

Would you like to know how men aged from 30 to 39 answered your poll? Export only the completed forms to Excel? Or draw a prize among participants who got all the right answers to your quiz? It's now possible using Search Filters.

Introducing Timeline Contests

We are pleased to announce you can now make contests directly from your Facebook Page Timeline. You simply ask a question and followers enter the giveaway by commenting the post. The application parses the comments and compiles all the answers. You can draw a winner and export all the answers to Excel like in a regular form contest.

Embed a Contest on your Webpage

Starting today, you can now embed a contest on a Webpage. This is especially useful if you manage both a Facebook Page and a Website for your business and want to reach your audience in both places.

6 Consejos para una Concurso Facebook Exitoso

Le compartimos algunos consejos que puede tomar en consideración para aumentar la participación en su concurso.

1. Personalice la publicación del muro

Desde la sección «Publicar» de su concurso, puede personalizar la imagen para compartir, el título y la descripción. Seleccione una imagen que capture la atención de sus fans y anímelos a hacer clic en su publicación para completar el concurso.

How to Run a Facebook Photo Contest

The Poll App and Contest App can both be used to create Facebook photo contests. Photo submission contests (participants upload a picture from their phone or computer) and photo voting contests (participants vote for their favorite picture) are two different types of contests. If you wish to run a contest where participants can both upload a picture and vote for their favorite, you will have to set it up in two stages.